Saturday, 9 May 2015

Writing a Writer's Profile

From Canterbury Christ Church Uni's Victorian Women Writers' project.
Reading stories online is a great way to safely explore sexual pleasure (especially with the guidance of review blogs like my Feminist Erotica). Why not take it a step further and write up some of your own fantasies to share? 

It is a lot of fun posting your personal fantasies in the pseudonymous public realm. People often respond enthusiastically, perhaps helping you realise that you are not weird or kinky; there are many ways to play at sex and probably whole communities out there who share your particular likings. You can post a story on a site like Literotica, or find a community forum which shares your pleasures, like Lipstick Fetish, or Brawna. You may even get a review on my other blog.

In this blogpost, I'll consider some of the anxieties which may go through your mind about posting explicit sexual material online. I'll look at how to set up an online pseudonym and how to use social media to promote your writing.