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I'm a mum, housewife and occasional social anthropologist, working in the postmodern feminist tradition of thinking which I temper with a good dose of humanism.  

I started writing romance as a teenager and took it up again in my early thirties then set it aside when I got into academia.  When I realised recently  how easy it is to publish on the internet I dusted off my old romantic novels and started the short journey into the fascinating world of writing on-line erotica.  

You can contact me at naokosmith@hotmail.co.uk and find me on 
Literoticamy Smashwords profile, Amazon profile and on Facebook or on my other blogs Feminist Erotica and Anthropological Mum.  

This story of mine is freely available (officially Hot on Literotica):  As Pleases My General.  

Here's the werewolf story (also free) which ran away with me while I was supposed to be preparing for a crucial job interview (two 5 star reviews on Smashwords):  A Werewolf in Office Clothing.  (Actually I got the job so maybe staying up all night writing erotica helps your presentation.)  

This is a set of fantasy stories and novels set in a feminist utopia which I've been lovingly polishing for about 35 years and which I'm never quite sure about.  Some people seem to love them but they don't sell well.  I haven't published all of them.  
I.          An Honourable Slut
Man on man fantasy romp for anyone who likes men. 
II.          A Match for the el Maiens
When Commander-Lord Vadya el Gaiel van H’las’ father proposes a marriage to him he knows it can only be a political match.  The most likely candidate is the enigmatic Lady Anastelle el Maien van Sietter.  But what of Vadya’s mysterious Captain, Tashka Maien?  Is it Vadya’s hands on an horse’s reins Tashka most admires, or the large endowment Vadya will bring to his wedding bed?  And what is it that keeps the honourable Lady Arianna el Jien van Sietter, Lady wife to Commander-Lord Clair el Maien, in the el Maiens’ rambling old castle home full of dark secrets. 
Anata Yrai likes to play - with low lovers. 
She was clearly full of bounce but Arkyll was only supposed to pretend he liked her. 
V.          Heart’s Home for Arrie el Maien
The wild daughter of the el Maiens, the cold-eyed Lady Arianna, was an high-stepping beauty.  She chose to marry a dashing Captain-Knight of her own region – her father’s son in duty bound – just before he rode away to war, and then to follow her uncle, General-Lord Tashka el Maien van H’las, into the strategic staff offices.  Her misguided kindness towards her cousin Esha el Gaiel van H’las proved to be even more fateful a step in the long and stony path to her heart’s home. 
The el Gaiel men are rumoured to be well-endowed. 
VII.          The el T’fel Affair
The most inappropriate of lovers for Stevan el T’fel van P’shan. 
VIII.          The Secret of Lady el V’lair
The daughter of the el V’lairs is wild - all the el V’lairs are wild, as wild as the wind.  Lady el V’lair is chained and lives among her brother’s chained Girls.  When she meets happy-go-lucky Captain-Dame Anastelle ‘Tasha’ Vashin out on manoeuvres in the grassy plains of Vail the honourable Captain discovers an unexpected sweetness in the Lady el V’lair’s temper – along with the always anticipated sweetness in a curving body suddenly free in love. 

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  1. I loved all the Trossian stories and would like to read numbers five, seven and eight when you get a chance to republished them.A Match for the El Maiens was very cleverly done.