Monday, 11 August 2014

Posting an Audio Story

From Stage and Cinema
review of Shine
In this blogpost I'm going to describe how to make a recording of your flawless work of fiction, and how you go about posting the audio recording on the Literotica website. There are other audio sites, a couple of which I will mention at the end of this post. I don't know much about those, however I do know that Literotica is a popular site for audio and that the instructions for how to submit a recording on there are out of date, so I'm going to run through here how you go about it.

NB, I have never been able to find a commercial site where you can sell smutty audio stories, er ...  not that I would have any interest in doing such a thing (wink). 

Monday, 13 January 2014

How To Do a Review

From The Cocoa Exchange
Txblush PMed me a little while back, and in the most flattering accents, asked me how I go about writing reviews of the kind I recently dashed off about the FAWC3 stories. Well, I am keen for more people than just me to write reviews on my blog Feminist Erotica. I do write in a particular way on there, so I thought I better do a How To guide. 

I made the Feminist Erotica review blog chocolate-coloured. Can you ever have too much chocolate? Probably a good way to start doing criticism of erotica is to buy a really good box of chocolates - the kind that will never make you feel sick no matter how many you eat. Put one in your mouth. Consider the flavour. The texture. The way it makes tingly feelings go down your ... well, consider it. Then write it down. If you have finished the box of chocolates, read on ...