Sunday, 13 January 2013

Maybe I'm a MILF

Still my favourite of
Kenny's books,
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Kenny Wright has just written the blogpost MILFs in erotica (with a bit on the side about cougars).  Em and Lo's New York article Of MILFS and Men anxsts about whether this is a new objectification of women. But as Kenny notes, the MILF is not a bad woman, she's an intriguing combo of Madonna and whore:  a responsible caring lady who knows how to cuddle you when you have a grazed knee and what snacks are the best treats for a sleepover, combined with someone who is obviously not a virgin and might know a thing or two you'd like her to teach you.  
(Interesting that in spite of critical 
acclaim and an A list of stars, 
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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Three Cheeses for the Anonymice

Keen's cheddar cheese
This post is a special thank you to my Anonymice.  We erotica writers all have them, people who leave comments but only as 'anonymous', who cruise our work quietly in the night and often leave without a trace.  

Friday, 4 January 2013

Life's Little Luxuries - introduction to wines

Mental Healthy on a study showing
red wine is good for you.  
Before launching into the nuances of vintage champagnes and Romanée-Conti wines, I thought we would have a reminder of the basics of wine drinking.  I know this is just a reminder for all you sophisticated topers but indulge me.  Or yourself, if you have a glass to hand.