Thursday, 29 November 2012

Erotica for men

What do men want?

I wrote on Feminist Erotica that in answer to the silly question What do women want? Freud says women want penises (in a symbolic way darling! please).  Nobody says What do men want because we know men want a beer and to watch the football without being interrupted and Sunday lunch cooked like their mother did it; some men want a new jumper and others a CD of Bach's cello concerto, some want promotion and others a fishing holiday and others want to go to the moon.  

Muscling their way in on the act (ooh, just let me feel that bicep), men are starting to say what they want, and here are Kenny Writer's thoughts, not so much on what men want I guess but on how they like it:  

Erotica for Men blogpost

Kenny is a sizzling hot writer, whose work I always enjoy but whom I am unable to review on Feminist Erotica because he doesn't write safe sex - as in always using condoms.  (Yes yes I know I'm being boring, soon I'll write a blogpost explaining fully why I decided to insist on this.)   

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