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Posting an Audio Story

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In this blogpost I'm going to describe how to make a recording of your flawless work of fiction, and how you go about posting the audio recording on the Literotica website. There are other audio sites, a couple of which I will mention at the end of this post. I don't know much about those, however I do know that Literotica is a popular site for audio and that the instructions for how to submit a recording on there are out of date, so I'm going to run through here how you go about it.

NB, I have never been able to find a commercial site where you can sell smutty audio stories, er ...  not that I would have any interest in doing such a thing (wink). 

My Logitech microphone -
sadly no longer available.
To start with, you should buy an external microphone. The built-in one on your computer is unlikely be up to the task. A very cheap one will do fine. (I think mine cost about £15 at John Lewis.)

The software I was advised to use by my friend HP, who is a radio engineer and Knows About These Things, is audacity. It's freely available on the internet. It comes with easy instructions as to how to start off using it, although figuring out how to manage the editing buttons is a bit more complicated. (I still don't completely understand that bit but I just get on with it. Uh, not that I do any audio stories - wink.) You have to Export your audio file into MP format; it's an idea to save it as an Audacity file too cuz sometimes there can be a glitch during the transfer which comes out in the audio and then you can re-Export and get a clean MP file. (If audacity happens to export your file as an MP2 instead of an MP3, that will work fine.)

Have a good fiddle around ... with the recording software! Sheesh. Well ... a lot of those audio stories on Lit are actually of people having a good fiddle around so you can do that too, if you like. (See my review of Juicy Peach.) Find out what room has the best acoustics - somewhere with soft furnishings is my advice. (To soak up noise! not to lie all over in an exhausted state when you're done.)

OK, you have got your story recorded. Now, a lot of audio stories on Literotica are just a recording, the authors - if we are going to call it writing - don't put up the script, they just put a li'l intro saying: This is me cumming. Some authors put up the written story as well as the audio recording. Your written part should be submitted in the regular way, in the category: Text with Audio. You should put in the Notes box that this is an audio story and that you have uploaded the recording to the website. 

From Importantsofaccents blog
For tags, put 'Female Voice' or 'Male Voice', and if you have a sexy accent, mention that too. 'Frrrench accent, cheri', or 'Very Bossy Washington DC accent' or whatever.

Do not, as the Literotica FAQ instructions suggest, submit your audio file any other way than via their website here:

Do not email the audio file or call the Toll Free number, just put it up via the website above and put a note in to say you have submitted the text in the usual way under Text with Audio.

Try to make sure the audio file has the same name as the story, to help out the busy editors.

If there are any problems and you suddenly want to take your audio story down, then delete the text version in the usual way and send Laurel a PM - not an email, explaining what has happened and including the title of the audio file which you now wish not to upload.

Drawn by fattyacid.
Laurel tends to collect a bunch of audio stories, have a listen and upload them together. Sometimes it can be a while before she manages to do this so be prepared to wait much longer than for the upload of text stories. (I have waited three weeks sometimes - not that I have uploaded smutty audio stories, of course.) If you fear something has gone wrong, you can drop a PM politely enquiring.

Other audio sites include Reddit GoneWild Audio, where you can upload a written story and get others to read it, or look for a story you like and read that one. You can also load smut up onto Soundcloud and several popular Literotica regular readers have accounts on there.

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